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Expert Coaching Package

Are you a seasoned leader who wants to take the next step to become a truly Intentional Leader? Are you aware of what got you to where you are today might not be what is required for the new teams and people around you? If that’s the case, our Executive Coaching is perfect for you! Become a powerful Executive leader by developing your self-mastery and working with coaches who have an extensive leadership and teaming background and have walked in your shoes before.

What are some of the skills & tool that my coach will give me access to?

Intentional Leadership Self-Assessment - So what makes a great leader? When leaders lead with deliberate thought and action, we call this Intentional Leadership. The assessment is designed for each leader to self evaluate based on the criteria laid out through our Essential Leadership Cycle.

Social Intelligence (SI) - is the ability to successfully build relationships and navigate social environments. Certain things leaders do - specifically, exhibit empathy and become attuned to others’ feelings and motivations - literally affect both their own brain chemistry and that of their followers.

Mutual Expectations - A structured dialogue between two people that yields a simple and concise list of clear, mutually understood expectations that both parties agree with, upfront. Many times, in life there is an unfounded assumption that people know what others want from them, especially what leaders want from their team members. If people don’t know what others want from them, they will typically either do what they think is right at the time, what they like to do, or what they think the other the person wants them to do.

Real-time Legacy - This reflective exercise enables leaders to consider both their short term and longer-term legacy. This will define their actions and behaviors once established. Every day we face the decision to react or respond to different events that happen in our lives. Usually, when we choose to react or respond, we leave somebody with an experience. It can be said that the sum of those experiences over time will determine somebody’s legacy.